For additional than 25 years US-primarily based motivational speaker and accomplishment coach Anthony Robbins has been passionately pursuing the answers to queries such as 'What shapes human behaviour? And how can we generate lasting alter inside oursleves and other individuals?'.

He has spoken in front of additional than three million people today about the planet and sold about 35 million books and audio coaching items.

Soon after attending his four-day 'Unleash The Energy Within' seminar lately in Kuala Lumpur I learnt a lot of methods to execute at your very best.

I even took aspect in his popular barefoot stroll more than hot coals. This effective physical metaphor shows how any person can overcome their deepest and greatest fears with concentrate, passion and need.

Aspect rock concert, aspect understanding encounter, aspect aerobic exercise, the seminar was attended by additional than four,000 people today in a giant indoor sporting stadium that was constructed for the Commonwealth Games.

Standing 6'7″, weighing 265 lbs and with a shoe size of 16, Robbins was impressive on stage as he harnessed the power of the crowd.

In truth, safety guards have to line the stage as he is on a regular basis swamped by more than eager fans.

At 43 years old, he has been enormously effective and worked with people today like President Clinton and Nelson Mandela.

What was it like?

Hot, humid, higher power and easy take property messages packaged with a higher-tech light, sound and video show.

I was impressed, motivated and got some terrific concepts from it.

Right here is my present to you. The Leading 10 Secrets of Achievement I learnt from spending four days with Tony Robbins.


As the promotional material says the occasion was 'about making breakthroughs, moving beyond fears and limiting beliefs, accomplishing ambitions and realizing accurate desires, turning dreams into reality, making fulfilling relationships, and modeling the methods of peak performers to create a quantum distinction in your life.'

If you reduce out the hype, the easy message is if you think in oneself sufficient you can attain something.

A memorable 1-liner was “the only issue that is maintaining you from obtaining what you want is the story you maintain telling oneself”.


Ask any person and most people today will admit they lack self-confidence in some regions of their life. The exciting issue I learnt from this seminar is that this self-doubt is about universal themes. These themes cross age, gender, religious, cultural and language barriers.

Popular doubts include things like 'I am not very good enough', 'I am lazy' and 'No-1 loves me'.


Robbins calls it 'immersion' exactly where you break old patterns and create new ones by repetition. He utilizes a lot of Neuro-Linguistic Programming approaches to attain this with his audiences.

He says “progress is not automatic”.

A memorable moment in the seminar was when we had to visualize ourselves inside a bubble and inside that bubble was a series of videotapes neatly arranged in a time-line that represented all our memories in our lives so far. We had to pull out the damaging videotapes and destroy them. This was followed by time spent visualising the future and how your life will appear 10 and 20 years from now.


The Robbins message was that three issues shape our self-belief. He calls them the Triad. These are our patterns of physiology, concentrate and language or which means.

He highlighted this with the quote: “exactly where concentrate goes power flows”.


Robbins believes you can “vanquish what ever is holding you back from taking action”.

Walking barefoot across a bed of glowing coals is the physical metaphor he utilizes in his seminars to prove this point to the skeptics.

Eradicate damaging self-belief and take enormous action are his keys to accomplishment.

6. TO Develop Good OUTCOMES YOU Should TAKE Huge ACTION.

“Exactly where concentrate goes power flows” is a quote made use of by Robbins in his presentation to highlight why you have to have to know your outcome and why attaining this is a have to.

But a lot of people today fail to take the subsequent step. They delay, place off and uncover a lot of factors or excuses not to act.

Robbins believes “progress is not automatic” and “action is energy”. Take action, even if it is the incorrect action. He says it is “by no means a failure if you discover anything”.


Robbins spent a fair quantity of time in the seminar speaking about and demonstrating interpersonal communication expertise.

He made use of people today from the audience to show how the course of action of “matching and mirroring” the non-verbal communication and physique language of other individuals can be a quite effective way to connect with people today.

In essence, you generate rapport by adopting the physique language of the particular person you are communicating with.

He believes “rapport is energy” and “total responsiveness is produced by a feeling of commonality”.

If you have learnt these approaches just before and have not made use of them for a although, I recommend it is time to dust them off and place them into action subsequent time you are communicating with a person on a 1-to-1 basis.

8. Something IS Doable IF YOU Concentrate ON PASSION AND Objective.

Robbins believes that “to have an extraordinary top quality of life you have to have two expertise: the science of achievement (the potential to take something you envision and make it actual) and the art of fulfilment (this permits you to take pleasure in every single moment of it).”

He says “accomplishment without the need of fulfilment is failure”.

Obtain your passion and objective in life. My objective is to make a distinction in people's lives and use my present as a speaker.


To get improvements swiftly and step up to a new level of achievement, Robbins believes understanding from other individuals who are the very best in their field is the quickest way to attain accomplishment.

He told the story of how he wanted to boost his tennis game and so employed Andre Agassi, the then quantity 1 ranked player to support him attain this.

Who could you model oneself on?

“People's lives are a direct reflection of the expectations of their peer group,” according to Robbins.

10. Achievement IS Constructed ON A Healthier, Higher Power Physique, HEART AND Thoughts

If you are not healthier – all of the above points are a waste of time.

Your overall health is determined and influenced by your life style.

A single big alter I've produced due to the fact the seminar is to consume a healthier diet plan and physical exercise additional on a regular basis.

As a speaker, my entire business enterprise depends on my potential to execute at a peak state. Like any experienced athlete, the accomplishment of business enterprise is straight linked to my diet plan and overall health.

Take care of oneself, your physique is in the end your most vital asset.