They are soft and submissive. Amongst their stunning colors are vibrant blues, sunny yellows, wealthy greens, glowing purples and juicy oranges. They come in quite tins, sporty nylon carrying situations and polished wooden boxes. They smell great. Their enameled bodies match your fingers properly and respond to the paper with a willingness that excites inspiration. These are great top quality colored pencils–not your typical pencil in any way, shape or kind. To grasp one particular, touch its point to paper is, properly, a sensual, artful practical experience.

Do you like to draw? Do you doodle? Have you believed of taking art lessons but did not want to invest a lot on supplies? Colored pencils are the answer!


Possibly you have spent some time drawing–absolutely nothing considerably: caricatures, Disney characters, doodles, and so forth. Perhaps you have even gone so far as investing in a drawing pencil. If you did, you discovered out that a drawing pencil is very unique from a normal pencil. Its lead is soft and creates dark blacks, strong medium grays and ethereal light grays.

Possibly then you started to assume of colour, wishing your drawing pencil could be colorful as properly. It can be! Out there on the marketplace currently are great top quality colored pencils that respond properly to shading, layering of various colors, blocking in strong colors and producing sinuous, expressive lines.

The added attraction of colored pencils, beyond their soft, heavily pigmented leads and prepared response to the paper, is their price tag. A tin of twelve, great top quality colored pencils and a great top quality 9″ x 12″ sketchpad will be properly beneath twenty dollars. And you are on your way to making stunning, brilliant, wealthy colored drawings that will retain their permanency and colour integrity for decades.

1, TWO, 3

Now you have sharpened your colored pencils and you have your sketchpad. What's subsequent? Start out with a doodle. On a new sketchbook web page, take one particular colour–it does not matter which one particular) and draw swirls, lines, dots, dashes, what ever comes to thoughts. Cover the complete sketch book web page. Just take a minute to do it.

Now appear closely at the doodle you have accomplished. See what you can obtain. Trees? Birds? Faces? Whatever you obtain, delineate the image by going more than the image lines by producing them darker. Good! Now select one more colored pencil colour to fill in the image(s). Now assume of the surrounding region of the doodle as the background or atmosphere for your photos. 

You should select specific places to fill in with numerous colors. For instance, if you discovered, in your doodle, a shape that appears like a fish, colour the fish in, than colour the region surrounding the fish with numerous colors. Keep in thoughts that you want to emphasize the image. How can you do this?


To emphasize the doodle image you can do various issues. You can make the image extremely dark and then fill in the surrounding region with light colors. Or you can make the image extremely light and fill in the surrounding places with dark colors. Or you can use contrasting colors, for instance, red-image, blue-background–appear closely to see that the image is standing out from the background. I advise that you select the alternative that will be most enjoyable for you to do!


So you have accomplished the doodles and are starting to study what your colored pencils can do. If you did not experiment with producing specific places strong colors or play about with shading various colors with each other, now is your possibility! 

With any colored pencil (colour of your option) draw a circle on a new sketchbook web page. You can use a compass or a compact plate or other circular object as a template to make the circle. Now consider that light is coming down on the web page from the upper proper hand corner. You will want to begin shading the circle with a dark colour (blue, violet, brown, black) exactly where the light is not–that is the left side of the circle. Start gradually, filling in along the left line of the circle. Remember that as you are shading and moving towards the supply of illumination (upper proper hand corner) your shading will develop into much less. Why? Because your shading, in drawing terms, represents shadow and the white of the sketch book web page represent the light.

Amazement! Can you see it? The circle is becoming an illuminated sphere, just by shading. Is not it outstanding how we can reproduce the illusion of light and shadow uncomplicated by shading and highlighting a uncomplicated geometric kind?


You have gone this far and now you see how cool colored pencils are. You have tapped your imagination via doodling and now you have made the illusions of space and, consequently, time. How cool is that? Now, go a step additional. Where you have made light by not coloring heavily, bring in a light colored pencil colour (yellow, orange, or white.) Now colour in that region you left off in shading. Miracles. You will see how the lighter colour requires on the function of light–taking more than exactly where the white of your sketch book web page left off!

YOU ARE A Much better Individual

If you have gotten this far, you are a far better particular person. Why? Simply because you have tuned into your innate inventive powers which nourish your complete physique and thoughts. You've discovered a new drawing ability, and most importantly, you have stunning colors to use to visualize what ever image or a dream comes into your thoughts! Colored pencils are there, waiting in their beautiful small tin, nylon carrying case or wooden box. All you have to have to do is push some of the busywork of the day to one particular side, sit down, open your sketch book to the infinity of a clean, white web page and dip your fingers into the rainbow of colored pencils. Magic!

Or, maybe you will want to place your sketch book and colored pencils into your back pack with a bottle of water and a sandwich. Then stroll out into the globe in search of just the proper scene or location to record with brilliant colour and artful, sensual lines.