NY Giants Burn Pittsburgh 21 to 14

We have all been warned of the dangers of playing with fire. For some purpose the Pittsburgh Steelers reverted back to their childhood to play with matches.Really frankly the Giants could have won this game 42 to 14 if it had been not for the Steelers defense. Generally the whole 1st half was played at the Steelers finish of the field. 9 occasions out of 10 the group with the greatest field position wins. By halftime the Giants typical beginning position was the Steelers 47 yard line! Yes mid-field. That is pathetic and unacceptable at the NFL level.

The game began off with guarantee having said that. The Steelers flexed their muscle tissues and chose to give the Giants the ball 1st. New York began at their personal 20 and lost three yards on their 1st play, when James Farrior and LaMarr Woodley gave Giants operating back Brandon Jacobs an notion of how the Giants operating game was going to be welcomed this afternoon. The Giants would achieve all of 83 yards by the finish of the day.

By 4th down on this opening possession the Giants managed to get to the 21 yard line and had to punt. The Steelers than began their 1st drive at their personal 40 yard line. The Steelers get a 1st down on their 1st play. A 22 yard pass to Heath Miller. Then the Steelers hand the ball to Mewelde Moore who after once more began for the injured Willie Parker. Moore picked up six yards. The Steelers go to correct back to Moore who burst into daylight and wins the 32 yard dash against the Giants secondary. Pittsburgh 7 to .

The Giants got the ball back at their personal 35 yard line and began a six minute and 36 second drive that ended in a John Carney 26 yard field purpose. This drive was indicative of the Giants 1st half. They would get favorable field position but the Steelers defense would deny them a touchdown.

Regrettably for Pittsburgh their subsequent drive was quite lackluster and that would be indicative of their 1st half. Only they did not even flirt with scoring the rest of the half. In reality Ben Roethlisberger threw his 1st interception close to the finish of the 1st quarter providing the Giants the ball at the Pittsburgh 42. The 1st quarter ended Pittsburgh 7 and New York three.

In the 2nd quarter the Giants would continue the drive that resulted from the interception. At a single point it became three and purpose at the 1 yard line. Brandon Jacobs got the get in touch with an scored. Or did he? Pittsburgh Head coach wisely tossed the challenge flag and the get in touch with was reversed. Jacobs clearly was down by make contact with quick of the touchdown. It was now 4th down and much less than a yard from a touchdown. The Giants opt to go for the touchdown on 4th down and get Jacobs gets stuffed at the purpose line. This time Giants Head coach Tom Coughlin challenges and this time the get in touch with is not reversed and the Steelers dodge their 1st bullet of the day.

Breathing a sigh of relief Ben leads his group a entire four yards down field the their personal five yard line. The Steelers Mitch Berger then punts the ball 42 yards all the way to the Steelers 47 exactly where Dominik Hixon of New York receives the punt and returns it 28 yards to the Steelers 19. As soon as once more the Steelers did their steel curtain impersonation and held New York to a further Carney kick. Pittsburgh 7 and New York six.

The Steelers take the ensuing kick from New York and appear horrible once more on offense. In reality they had been moving forward and then acquiring penalized and moving backwards. The Giants get the ball back and drive into the red zone once more only to be held to but a further field purpose. The half ended NY 9 and Pittsburgh 7.

By half time also Pittsburgh's punter Mitch Berger had been grabbing his left thigh and grimacing in discomfort. This created every forthcoming punt an adventure. Also by halftime it was apparent that each defenses had been playing fantastic. Despite the fact that the Steelers had been getting tested additional.

The second half started with Pittsburgh getting and obtaining the ball for handful of minutes and obtaining to punt. The Giants then take more than and they are met with resistance and they have to punt. Lastly Pittsburgh broke out of their offensive coma and Roethlisberger hit Nate Washington for a 65 yard touchdown. It is now Steelers 14 and Giants 9.

The Giants after once more take the ball and go nowhere against the Steelers “D” and have to punt. Then in a function reversal of sorts the Steelers get the ball back and move the ball pretty properly. Then they take a shot at the finish zone from 53 yards out to Washington once more and score. Oops they shot themselves in the foot having said that and the TD gets named back soon after offensive lineman Willie Colon gets flagged for holding. Immediately after that the Giants “D” place the clamps on the Steelers offense and Berger had to limp out and punt once more.

The 4th quarter began out with the very same appear as the 1st half. As soon as once more the Giants getting turned away from a touchdown and acquiring a further field purpose. The Steelers also reverted back to their incompetent version of offense and had to punt from their finish zone. Which turned out to be a larger challenge than usual contemplating the Steelers extended snapper had been carted off the field earlier in the game.

So on comes back up extended snapper All-Pro linebacker James Harrison. To Harrison's credit the spiral was good and tight on the snap only it went sailing more than Berger's head and out of the finish zone for a Giants security. Game tied at 14 just like that.

To add insult to my head injury, injured Berger had to punt the ball as a outcome of the security guidelines. The Giants get the ball back about mid field. I had a undesirable feeling at this point. Not to be a naysayer but the Steelers defense had been behind the eight ball all day. I normally say you can remedy the sick but you can not resurrect the dead. This was going to be a single time also numerous and it was. The Giants score the go ahead touchdown. NY 21 – Pittsburgh 14.

As if I wasn't feeling undesirable adequate I had to watch Ben and the offense grow to be ……… properly really offensive to all their fans. They got two additional cracks at scoring and came up actually, actually little.

As an overview each QB's had been created to appear quite ordinary by the opposing defenses. Ben was a ineffective 13 for 29 and 189 yards. Also a back breaking four interceptions. Despite the fact that to his defense 1 of these interceptions was the outcome of a fantastic play by the Giants secondary jarring a ball loose from Pittsburgh's Nate Washington.

On a vibrant note Mewelde Moore continues to play very good to fantastic as he ran for a strong 89 yards on 19 carries. He also scored a TD.

As incredible as the Steelers defense was they had been outplayed by the Giants defense all round. Like the reality that the Giants had five sacks and the Steelers, top the league in sacks had .

This was a missed chance in your personal creating. Yes I know the Giants are the reigning Super Bowl Champions and I know the work was there from our Steelers. But in sports work is not adequate. Ask oneself would you choose a surgeon who tries actual really hard or a single who professionally and precisely does his job? These are pros not a college group. Execution is the only point that matters.

I personally query offensive coordinator Bruce Arians and Ben Roethlisberger when I see but a further week of failure on 3rd down conversions.

Which brings me to my final point. I hope Santonio “puffy” Holmes is pleased. Due to the fact his presence was sorely missed. Way to go dope! I hope sucking on some weed is so incredible and entertaining that it is additional essential than your job and your group.