Attack on Titan

Watered Down HumanityAttack on Titan is recently one of the most popular manga / anime in time, he was not nearly as rich as some of the best ones out there, but the material covers a rather mature subtext, if not a showcase really fascinating a larger scale of the macabre. It is clearly intended to be a film, it might as well blockbuster adjustment of the current trend of post-apocalyptic settings and events of the revolution. But the approach of the film is pretty standard by comparison. While he still has wonderfully makes the most grotesque moments of its source material, the characters are sweetened with plights less interesting. Newcomers can find its intriguing premise, but what makes the interesting titans attack is barely existing in this adaptation. How the main characters are introduced is painfully contrived. As each piece of the exhibition is immediately packed into one long scene that is supposed to establish who they are and what their world is. The difference is that it … [Read more...]

Goodnight Mommy

Absolutely Stunning Film, For Enthusiasts Of Beautiful Artwork Horror.Well this film took me completely by surprise. I did not know what to expect, since this is the first feature from director Severin Fiala Austrian duo and Veronika Franz. Good night mom is about two young twin boys who live in a country house with their mother of the actress, and spend most of their waking hours playing together. Their mother just had surgery and her face is covered in bandages, rendering her unrecognizable to the twins. They are convinced that the woman returned from the surgery is not their real mother ... and I will not spoil the rest. If you have any interest in the cinema as an art form, Goodnight Mom is an absolute must-see. It is the most beautifully shot film, I saw from under the skin. Each shot is framed in such a meticulous and perfectly orchestrated that you could pause the movie at any time and end up with an even worthy to hang on your wall. I've never seen a director set Venetian … [Read more...]

Time Out of Mind

Now Not Top-of-the-line Movie, Yet Its Intention Is FeltView Time Out of Mind requires a lot of patience. For one thing, every time a scene gets interesting, he suddenly turned off to another rejecting your attention to take a full hold. Another thing is the goal long voyeurism and the noise of the city unfiltered, which are meticulous, but only work as obstacles when trying to closely observe the main character. The ultimate problem is, however, this story of a homeless man not say much more than what you have experienced or imagined before. It is difficult to sympathize with the protagonist of Richard Gere, who is in constant denial, and the film, mostly only shows what is already visible, and that addressing the surface of the current state of this troubled soul . The last part of the film is noticeably engaging when he uses close-ups and some background music. You start to feel for each character and finally to recognize the chemistry of players but you can not help but wonder if … [Read more...]

A Walk in the Woods

Read The E Book, Watch The Film Then Hike The Path.Caught a screening of this film in Salt Lake City. The Appalachian Trail Conservancy to. What a fun movie, Nolte is great in !! I am quite surprised how it was funny. Redford and Nolte are a good team. About the time a book Bryson stood up on the big screen. I wonder how much of an increase in foot traffic, there will be on the AT after the film is released. I am sure that next summer will be a little busy. If a film makes me want to go to the location / s it takes place, I realize that as a great film. If you are a fan of the book, actors, hiking, nature or have traveled the AT you should enjoy it. Well worth the visit to the cinema. … [Read more...]

Sleeping with Other People

A Modernized Take On "When Harry Met Sally."After losing their virginity to each other in college, Elaine "Lainey" Dalton (Alison Brie) and Jake (Jason Sudeikis) are separated. More than twelve years pass before the two meet again by chance outside a clinic for sex addiction - and ultimately engage in a real first date. But Lainey, still obsessed with the pursuit of an affair with an old flame, Dr. Matthew Sobvechik (Adam Scott), and Jake certainly a serial womanizer, agrees to maintain a completely platonic relationship - complete with a secure password if their conversations or behaviors become too sexual. As Jake and Lainey quickly become great friends, continuing to entrust romantic stories of triumphs and misadventures with each other, they begin to realize that the building of mutual attraction between them can no longer be ignored. The opening scenes and the initial premise is incredible how much they paint portraits of flings colleges and their lasting effects on adults. The … [Read more...]