Sleeping with Other People

A Modernized Take On "When Harry Met Sally."After losing their virginity to each other in college, Elaine "Lainey" Dalton (Alison Brie) and Jake (Jason Sudeikis) are separated. More than twelve years pass before the two meet again by chance outside a clinic for sex addiction - and ultimately engage in a real first date. But Lainey, still obsessed with the pursuit of an affair with an old flame, Dr. Matthew Sobvechik (Adam Scott), and Jake certainly a serial womanizer, agrees to maintain a completely platonic relationship - complete with a secure password if their conversations or behaviors become too sexual. As Jake and Lainey quickly become great friends, continuing to entrust romantic stories of triumphs and misadventures with each other, they begin to realize that the building of mutual attraction between them can no longer be ignored. The opening scenes and the initial premise is incredible how much they paint portraits of flings colleges and their lasting effects on adults. The … [Read more...]

Dragon Blade

Just God-horrificI was invited to go to the Jackie Chan / Adrian Brody / John Cusack period of Chinese pseudo-historical drama called Dragon Blade (although its Chinese title is more along the lines of "Lion of the Day" and has nothing to do with dragons or lions ... still confused? Wait ...). In this Jackie Chan plays a commander of the guard on the Silk Road that absolutely refuses to use violence, which keeps him worst ever done pretty well. John Cusack plays a great Roman general looked tired on the track leading a Legion who all speak English, but have what is supposed to be a Roman agitation "national anthem" which is Latin. Oh, and even if it is the year 458 BC, Jackie Chan can still speak English ... but more than usual (Chingrishy intensifies rampant). Adrian Brody plays a ridiculously bad consul and was developed by someone who had absolutely no idea of ​​what a Roman consul was and thought it was hereditary, requiring so he killed his father and his little blind brother so … [Read more...]

She’s Funny That Way

A Movie About Different MoviesI walked around it in a theater in Europe without realizing that it was the work of Peter Bogdanovich. Even without that, however, it was obvious that the film was trying to recover the spirit of the old comedies wacky farce, with many unsubtle allusions - as a private detective in a dress Pink Panther, or a cameo by a famous director scene also known to borrow from old movies - that were thought of us in that it was all a riff on films themselves and film. The problem is that the classic comedies of Hawks, Sturges, Lubitsch and the like, at their best, had something extra burlesque events: big, spiritual writing, really funny moments (and not just "fun coincidences"), a parody clear of wealth and class. I am struggling to remember something like that in "She's funny that way." It is only a few hours later, and I do not remember a single line (other than the ever-repeating, that we learn is also an old movie). He had the right kind of situation, the … [Read more...]


AdolescenceOnce again, Paolo Sorrentino proves to be a master of cinema and does not disappoint. The story is set in a seemingly remote area: a luxury hotel in the Swiss mountains inhabited mainly by artists and people of show business (curious reference to Maradona thanked by Sorrentino in his speech of Oscar) acceptance. Youth is a tender film both characters and themes: growing old and the related fears are common to all men. Fred (Michael Caine) is an old man who still has many things in his life: he has to deal with friendship, love, family and career. The only thing that makes it different from youth around him is that he is aware of the memory. It is the memory that he lost and he tries to find his identity. Everyone in the film is in search of identity: the contrast between the way people see and what they want to be seen as. The scenario is complex and intense and therefore sometimes difficult to follow. I loved the irony Sorrentino always puts in his films: by surrealism, he … [Read more...]


The Minions Have Their Spin Off Film, And With It, Plenty Of Moolah From Huge MerchandisingHe came to this ?? we are ourselves a little ridiculous chuckling some yellow blobs who speak gibberish. If we were to be the ones that refresh your memory, here. Despicable Me in 2010 and its sequel in 2013, the protagonists were Gru (voice by always reliable Steve Carell) and his three adoptive daughters Margo, Edith and Agnes. How many would actually remember the names of these characters? What you probably brought home memories were yellow minions, who, to be fair, are adorable in their blabberish ways. Oh, you also brought many goods (admit it: you have an irresistible urge to join the long queues to possess each of these yellow plastic fast food toys), and boasted to friends how much you love henchmen. As an advance until prequel and spin-off of the original films, have you collected all the cases of three yellow limited edition containing banana-flavored candy? Ah, the power of marketing, … [Read more...]